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Consultation & installation

Property development companies today have a legal or planning requirement to make provision for ev charging and many businesses are looking to provide charging facilities, whether for public use or at a work place, but do not have the expertise to know exactly what is involved and to make a properly informed decision on what equipment to install.

There are many factors to be considered such as public v work place, user charging profile - long-stay vs short-stay, vehicle types, power supply & grid connection, back-end payment & management control systems etc.

The processes involved in developing our ev centre sites include site assessment and surveys, customer/use profiling, traffic count data, design, planning, power requirement, grid connections/upgrades, ground work planning, installation and commissioning.

We can now offer all of these services to 3rd-parties and offer a full consultancy to help you understand the important issues and be able to make an fully informed decision to ensure you install the most appropriate infrastructure.

Together with our fully accredited and DoT approved installation partners we can supply and install a full range of A/C and D/C chargers and assist with the initial site planning and design, grid connections, ground works​, full implementation & commissioning and ongoing management and maintenance.

If you require charging equipment and would like to fully understand the options that are available to you please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

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