The solution

Ev drivers want easily accessible, highly visible and reliable rapid charging centres with high quality facilities that allows them to make the most of the time spent charging their vehicle.

eVcentres are the next generation, fully managed, multi-point, ev rapid-charging centre, that fully meets the needs of ev drivers and provides a reliable and pleasurable ‘valet charging’ experience.

The eVcentre is a unique modular building designed for use primarily along major A trunk roads, but can equally be used in retail parks and supermarket car parks and other locations such as park & ride, roadside service areas, airports and transport hubs.

"For mass adoption of ev's to become a reality, we need a more reliable and integrated national charging network"

Richard Gordon - CEO, eVcentresUK

Our mission

Our mission is to develop a national network of dedicated ev charging centres, designed specifically with ev drivers in mind, and create a premier, customer-focused ev charging experience that competes both on service and value.


Our centres will:

  • have a range of quality facilities allowing drivers to spend their time productively whilst charging their vehicle.

  • be sited at key locations along the main A road trunk routes, enabling reliable local and long distance journeys.


  • be fully managed providing a concierge service to ensure drivers a guaranteed charge upon arrival with the ability to pre-book a time slot via our app.

  • be powered by 100% renewable energy and the building will be constructed using environmentally sustainable materials.

“We need charge points which aren’t hidden away, they might not get vandalised then.”

An ev driver

Comfortable facilities

eVcentre’s will have multiple charging bays, ensuring that drivers are guaranteed a fast and reliable charge, whilst making use of the additional services on offer.

Our customer lounge areas are designed to maximise comfort and efficiency while drivers are waiting for their vehicle to be charged.

With an average charging time of around 30 to 40 minutes, this time can be productively spent in comfort, grabbing some coffee and food, checking emails, in a business meeting, having a quick work-out or simply relaxing.

“Off motorway charging gets very patchy. Some local area initiatives just dumped a load of rapid chargers in town which is a bit of a nonsense.”

An ev driver

Conveniently charging all vehicle types

eVcentre’s are vehicle agnostic, which means we can charge any electric vehicle make or model.


Our customers are private ev owners, business customers and commercial fleet drivers such as taxi’s, mini cabs and delivery vans.

We will accommodate buses, commercial vehicles and trucks at our suitable larger sites.

Electric motor bikes and scooters will also be catered for.

There will be no requirement for membership and we will offer an easy PAYG option but will also offer various membership options with extra benefits and discounts.

Our aim is to provide all eVcentre customers with a range of quality services and facilities, at reasonable prices, in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

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