Tesla Model 3 to start at £38,900 in UK

The Tesla Model 3 is now on sale in the UK with full price and specification details revealed.

Tesla has announced UK pricing for its Model 3 with the Standard Range Plus rear-wheel drive car costing £38,900 after the Government’s £3,500 plug-in car grant.

The Model 3 Performance version, with its 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds making it the quickest car in the compact-executive class, costs £56,900.

Sitting between those two is the Long Range AWD car at £47,900 with, as the name suggests, the longest range of the trio at 348 miles, tested under the new WLTP standard.

The entry-level Model 3 costs more than anticipated, but its spec is higher – every model comes with Tesla’s impressive Autopilot system that will accelerate and brake, and steer the car in lane and take care of overtaking manoeuvres on motorways and dual-carriageways.

Tesla is also offering what it describes as full self driving capability, giving the car the ability to drive automatically on city streets and recognise and respond to traffic lights – for an extra £4,900. If you choose to upgrade after delivery it will cost £6,800.

The Model 3’s minimalist interior has only the steering wheel and a 15” touchscreen facing the driver, with the screen taking care of all display and control functions. Every Model 3 comes with a year’s on-the-go internet connectivity, too, and a four-year warranty.

The Standard Range Plus will still go 258 miles between charges – again testing under the new, tougher WLTP regime – and get from zero to 60mph in 5.3 seconds. The Model 3 Performance claims 329 miles between charges.

Both the Model 3 Performance and the Long Range AWD benefit from four-wheel drive with Tesla’s Dual Motor system having electric motors – one over each axle. The two more expensive cars also get a premium interior package featuring powered, heated seats, upgraded trim, satellite-view maps with live traffic information and navigation, and a premium audio system with 14 speakers and online music streaming.

Two smartphones can be connected at one time, while there are four USB sockets available, too.

Model 3 buyers can choose from five colours with solid black the only one you don’t have to pay extra for. Metallic choices are Midnight Silver and Deep Blue for £950, while Multi Coat Red and Pearl White will both cost £1,900.

Standard and Long Range cars come with a choice of 18” Aero wheels as standard and 19” Sport wheels as a £1,450 option, while the Model 3 Performance gets 20” Performance Wheels as standard as well as a small carbon fibre rear spoiler, aluminium alloy pedals, red brake calipers and a Track Mode.

Although prices are slightly higher than expected, deliveries start sooner than expected with cars arriving in June for the UK customers who were first to put their £1,000 deposits down.

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