VW Group steps up EV plans

Volkswagen has announced its plans to significantly increase production of electric vehicles, with 16 plants planned to manufacturer EVs by the end of 2022, and three new pure-electric models due this year.

Revealed at the Volkswagen Group's Annual Media Conference, CEO Matthias Müller said that nine new plug-in models will be added to the group portfolio by the end of the year. These will be on top of the current electric line-up of eight electric or plug-in hybrid models from the VW Group.

From 2019, there will be a new electric vehicle from the group "virtually every month", as part of plans to introduce 80 new electric models by 2025.

Müller also said that there are currently three factories producing electric vehicles within the group, and in two years' time a further nine will have been added.

The increase in manufacturing infrastructure is to ensure that VW Group brands have enough capacity to meet both their aims for Roadmap E - to build three million electric vehicles a year by 2025 - and increasing demand from customers.

Müller said: "Over the last few months, we have pulled out all the stops to implement 'Roadmap E' with the necessary speed and determination. Things are really moving. A change of course for the Volkswagen supertanker – full speed ahead to the future!"