Rome latest city to announce diesel vehicle ban

Hot on the heels of a German court’s decision to allow cities to enforce diesel bans, Italy is also getting into the game will ban diesel cars from historical centre starting 2024.

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi announced: “Rome has decided to ban the use of diesel cars from its historical centre from 2024” at the Women4Climate conference in Mexico City this week.

The primary reasons for the ban are to cut down on pollutants which cause damage to Rome’s important historical landmarks and, of course, to do what Rome can to help stop climate change.

Diesel engines, even “clean” diesel (which we found aren’t so clean after all), emit an exceptionally high amount of particulate emissions compared to other motors, of the type that cause damage to monuments (and human lungs).

Smog and particulate emissions are of particular importance to Rome because so much of the city’s culture and revenue (through tourism) come from their historical landmarks. Rome estimates that 3,600 monuments are at risk of damage from diesel pollution, and something needs to be done.

Rome has attempted other methods in the past to reduce this damage, such as partial vehicle bans on some days, but this has not been effective enough in reducing pollutants so Rome will now resort to a complete ban on diesel vehicles within the historical centre of the city.

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