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The electric vehicle revolution

Electric vehicles are nothing new. In 1910, Thomas Edison said: “Electric cars are the future of transportation.”

Little over 100 years later, that prediction is finally coming true and electric cars have come a long way. The electric vehicle revolution is here and it could turn out to be more dramatic than anyone has yet realised.

The last four years have seen a remarkable surge in demand for electric vehicles in the UK – new registrations of plug-in cars increased from 3,500 in 2013 to more than 227,000 by the end of August 2019.

By the end of 2018, almost 60,000 plug-in cars had been registered over the course of the year - a new record. This significantly improved upon the previous record, set in 2017, increasing it by more than 13,000 units.


There has also been a huge increase in the number of pure-electric and plug-in hybrid models available in the UK with many of the top manufacturers in the UK now offering a number of EVs as part of their model range.

"The electric car is on its way, and its on its way with real vengeance"

Ian Callum, Director Of Design, Jaguar Cars

It is predicted a ‘tipping point’ will be reached in 2020, when electric vehicles’s become a more economic option than traditional petrol or diesel cars.

There has been a huge increase in the number of electric and plug-in hybrid models available in the UK, with each of the 10 best-selling brands now offering an EV as part of their model range.

Audi, Nissan, Ford, Volvo, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Renault, Toyota, Kia and of course Tesla, are among those investing billions in new generation electric vehicles.

Even Bentley is developing its own all-electric car.

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